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monthly archives: March 2010

Bubble & bounce range

Tuesday, 30th March 2010

At Lilly & Lolly, we offer a modern and sophisticated design for this range. Take a tour and marvel at these fabulous items we have in our collection.

Let’s start with Bubble & Bounce Doona Cover which is a reversible 100% cotton cover featuring white background with soft blue wave on front and using the opposite colours on the back. This fun and energetic design will be perfect for your high spirited boys for only $130.

Get a matching pillowcase. Our Bubble & Bounce Pillowcase showcased the same pattern and colour to complement the doona. The white wave print with blue background pillowcase is 100% cotton. Or purchase Lilly & Lolly’s Bounce Cushion for only $49. Made from 100% cotton, the blue wave against white background makes a beautiful contrast to the doona.

Bubble & Bounce Pillowcase Bounce Cushion

Step out of the box and check our Bubble Sheet Set. Strong and lively red bubble design on 100% cotton white fabric. The fitted 190 x 91 x 32cm sheet and pillowcase carry out the design very well while the flat sheet only features the design along the cuff. The sheet set can be yours for only $135.

Wake up a dull sofa or window seating in your boy’s room with Lilly & Lolly’s Bubble Cushion. Using the same design and colour as the sheet set, this funky cushion is at an affordable price of $39. Continue with the same vibrant feel to the room with Bubble Lamp, only $79. The chrome base supports the bubbly and cheery red lampshade with matching piping on top and bottom.

Bubble Lamp

Bubble Knit Cushion, a subtle play of colours between fire engine red and soft grey. The two colours are ‘separated’ unevenly and finished off with a row of 3 big red buttons.

Take a look at our Bubble & Bounce Pyjama. Modern white t-shirt with a bubbly fish motive in cherry red and blue pants with white wave design can be yours for $39.95. The 100% cotton material used will keep your boy cool.

Bubble Knit Cushion Bubble & Bounce Pyjamas

Lilly & Lolly’s Bounce Muslin Wrap and Bubble & Bounce Blanket will make a great addition in your boy’s room. If he is still a baby, the soft cotton wrap is ideal during the scorching summer months. Swaddle him in the crisp white linen featuring soft blue wave pattern. As for the blanket, this 100% cotton knit fabric can be used as a throw rug. The white and scarlet red polka dot against soft grey knit is suitable for any age.

Alphabet range

Monday, 29th March 2010

This collection is perfect for your boy. Take a tour and pick from an assortment of vibrant and bold linens we have to offer. Choose from the bright and cheery doona to the matching lamp.

For only $130, you can have our Alphabet Doona featuring big, bold and colourful alphabet letters. Available in single and king size, your boy will love the play of colours used. Be mesmerised by the classic colours- cherry red, grass green, navy blue and soft grey against crisp white background.

Alphabet Doona

Get the matching Alphabet Pillowcase and Alphabet Cushion for your boy. Let the mixture of colours liven up his room. The 100% cotton pillowcase is only $29 while the easy to care 100% cotton drill with polyester insert cushion can be yours for only $39.

Bring in funky to your little man’s room with our  Alphabet Lamp and ‘H’ Cushion. A gigantic letter H in red is featured against the navy blue background. This is a great way to upgrade your little boy’s room into a ‘big boy’ pad. The lamp has a timber base which is painted red to match the “H” shade. The top and bottom of the lampshade is lined with navy blue piping. Meanwhile, our ‘H’ Cushion is made from 100% cotton drill and has a zipper opening for easy care.

Alphabet Lamp H Cushion

Check out the remaining items we have in Lilly & Lolly’s collection. Smart up and decorate your boy’s room with our Alphabet Wall Stickers, only $75. These 21 colourful stickers can be removed and repositioned over a 100 times without damaging the walls!

Wall Stickers

Alphabet Blanket, using a totally different pattern from the range you’ve seen so far. Its strength is in the 4 big and bold stripes. This 100% combed cotton blanket with cherry red, white, navy blue and classic green stripes makes it perfect for snuggling and easy care.

Let your boy sleep in our Alphabet PJ’s, a modern and upbeat alphabets design on 100% cotton jersey paired with navy blue jersey boxers. Only $39.95, this two-piece will keep him cool in the summer nights.

Alphabet PJ's

Tilly Floral range

Thursday, 25th March 2010

In this range, we offer choices of items that incorporate exquisite and colourful French inspired floral patterns. Pillowcase, cushion, cot comforter, lamp, and cover are all on sale!  up to 50% off

Tilly Floral Doona Cover

Lilly & Lolly’s Tilly Floral Doona Cover with its upbeat colourful floral patterns has been marked down to ONLY $97.50!  This ‘girlie’ cover is reversible with soft pink spots on the back. What an easy way to ‘change’ the mood of the room with this 100% cotton made cover. Available in single or double size (which fits a king single bed also).

Take a look at Tilly Floral Pillowcase and continue the feminine vibe in your girl’s room. Also 100% cotton made, this item is a great bargain at $21.75. It comes in standard size of 68cm x 47cm.

Tilly Floral Pillowcase

You have to get one of Lilly & Lolly’s Tilly Floral Cot Comforter. We are giving 50% discount on this item. Yes! For only $60.00, you can get this lovely French inspired floral print; also a reversible with soft cotton candy pink spots on back. The diamond quilted with pink piping featured around the edge makes a beautiful pair with Tilly Ribbon Cushion.

Tilly Floral Cot Comforter

Fall in love with Tilly Floral Lamp. Only $71.10, this lamp will brightens up the room and the mood. Not only that, this item complements Tilly floral range giving it a finishing touch. We include the lampshade with the famous French floral prints and red piping on top and bottom and the chrome base. Get one now!

Tilly Floral Lamp

The last item on this range is our Spotty Sheet Set. Using a different pattern, this fun and sweet pink polka dots is a great match for Tilly floral range. If your girl can’t fall asleep, just count the dots instead of imaginary sheep :). A 100% cotton percale, this set comes in soft pink spots all over fitted sheet and white featuring spotted cuff for the flat sheet and pillowcase.

Tic Tac Toe range

Wednesday, 24th March 2010

A variety of colours from royal purple, sunny yellow, cotton candy pink, aqua blue and classic grey are cleverly integrated in this range. We offer an eyeful collection of doona, pillowcase, sheet set, cushion and many more.

Tic Tac Toe Bed

First on the collection is Tic Tac Toe Doona, a vibrant 100% cotton percale cover that will easily match your girl’s room. Featuring lines of beautiful graphics in all the colours of the rainbow printed on a clean crisp white background. This simple design can be co-ordinated with the items that are showcased for this range. Available in single or double sizes to fit a single, king single or double bed.


Mix and match it with Tic Tac Toe Pillowcase or Tic Tac Toe Cushion. These two items were design to resonate the same patterns as the doona. They are a great item for your little girl if they want to go with the same rainbow-like colours. The pillowcase is only at an affordable cost of $29. Add $55 to that shopping budget and you’ll get a matching cushion.

Tic Tac Toe Pillowcase Tic Tac Toe Cushion

Fancy something knit? Peek inside the gallery and marvel at our Tic Tac Toe Knit Cushion and Tic Tac Toe Blanket. The former is a divine grey cotton knit cushion adorned with sweet pink motif featured on the front. Only $75, this piece is easy to care as the cover can be zipped off and washed. Made from 100% cotton, a 45 x 45 cushion insert is included as well. The latter, a blanket perfect for all year snuggle. At a glance, the design on this 100% cotton knit might resemble a ‘Native Indian’ motif. Purchase this vibrant and cheerful blanket at only $145.

Tic Tac Toe Blanket Tic Tac Toe Knit Cushion

Moving on to the next item on this collection, Tic Tac Toe PJ’s. The pretty fly-away sleeves for the top and tic tac toe prints pants will keep your little princess cool in the summer heat. 100% cotton, this lovely two-piece is only $39.95.

Take a look at Lilly & Lolly’s Tic Tac Toe Sheet Set. Totally different from the colourful doona we’ve seen above. The sheet is subtle in its play of colours and patterns – pink ric rac and grey circles. Kids won’t overheat is this 100% combed cotton percale sheeting will not pill. Available in single and king size.

Only $85, Tic Tac Toe Lamp will make a wonderful addition to your girl’s room. With its sturdy chrome base, it can support the soft grey fabric with yellow piping and pink ric rac to complete the look.

TTT Lamp

Nursery Products

Friday, 19th March 2010

Welcoming a newborn to the family is always a joyous occasion. Lilly & Lolly is the place for parents in their quest for the perfect nursery products for their bundle of joy. You are just one click away.

Getting a right cot and furniture for your baby is essential. The safety aspect should be the most important criteria in choosing a product. But, that doesn’t mean that you have to compromise with the aesthetic of the furniture itself. We offer both.

Balmoral range consists of contemporary pieces painted in clean crisp white. The Balmoral Cot makes a stunning crib in the nursery. Balmoral Chest of Drawers will be a great addition to it. Or you can take a look at our best selling range, Toorak. The cot and chest drawer in this range give the New England feel to it. The classic Toorak Cot with traditional round rails and panel style uprights exudes an eighteenth century vibe. Match that with Toorak Chest of Drawers, all white and easily coordinate with any colour scheme in the room.


Now, we can’t just have a plain sheet for the cot.  Opt for a colourful design to cheer up the nursery. Another 100% cotton design to choose from is Lilly & Lolly’s Red Star Sheet Set. Big crisp red star prints on white fabric suitable for that baby girl or boy.

Red Star Sheet Set

Imagining a more feminine look for your baby girl? Pink Fizz Sheet Set comes in simple white flower print repeated on a soft pink background. Meanwhile, the flat sheet and pillowcase on this 100% cotton percale have pink prints on the cuff with silver piping. The Alphabet Cot Sheet Set features funky letters all over the fitted sheet & pillowcase in a soft pink and white. Lilly & Lolly’s sheet sets include 1 x fitted, 1 x flat and 1 x cot sized pillowcase.

Wrap your newborn in our Interlock Star Wrap or Star Muslin Wrap. Both wraps feature stars printed all over. The difference is in the size of the star prints, the colour choice and fabric used. The former is made from 100% cotton jersey which means your baby can wriggle comfortably (without escaping of course :) ) in this stretchy soft wrap. This generously sized wrap is available in navy blue, cotton candy pink or cherry red. The latter is a very popular item for those hotter summer months. The 100% cotton fabric will help to keep your baby cool and comfortable.. The large red star print is finished off with a red binding on the edges.

Red Star Wrap

Another must have item in your keeping is our stylish and compact Melobaby Change Mat. What’s unique about the change mat is that it is also a nappy wallet. The clutch sized wallet comes in dark chocolate or midnight black. A magnetic clasp that opens to 4 pockets allows you to store 4 nappies. Its back pocket can hold refillable wipes and you can stash your extra bits and pieces in the zip pocket.

Get your baby a blanket, ideal for snuggling during the bonding time with your infant. Alphabet Blanket, not to be confused with our alphabet sheet is a simple striped design using 4 different colours. The 100% combed cotton is a mix and match between fire engine red, navy blue, classic green and white stripes. Easy care- machine washable cotton, a must have blankie for your baby boy.

Tic Tac Toe Blanket, ideal for all year round snuggle, is made from 100% cotton knit. Also machine washable, the royal purple, cotton candy pink, aqua blue and sunny yellow weaved together perfectly to give this knit a dazzling finish. Funky and modern fits the description for Lilly & Lolly’s Bubble & Bounce Blanket. The mixture between cherry red and white polka dots goes well with the soft grey 100% cotton knit. Or you can tuck in your wee one in our 100% Woollen Blankets. Using only a single colour from sweet pink, navy blue, scarlet red or charcoal light grey, this simple wool is best worn during winter’s time.

Woollen Blankets Bubble & Bounce Blanket

Boys Furniture

Wednesday, 17th March 2010

We have a few ranges here that are perfect for boys! From the simple and uncomplicated colour box, marina and tassie oak to the fresh and modern scoop bunk bed and upholstered ranges.

Colour Box Bed is a beautiful combination of timber and colour. The timber wraps around the bedhead and bedend panel giving it a classic look. The panels can be changed in colour to match the colours in any boys’ room. Accompany the bed with our Colour Box Bedside, Colour Box Chest of Drawers and Colour Box Desk, completes a fresh range of furniture which makes its own statement.

Colour Box

Low and modern, the marina range features 3 centred holes in the bedhead and it is this feature which is carried through the entire range.. The Marina Bed was designed to suit boys from 2 right through to18 years of age and beyond.This simple design range is prominently one of Lilly & Lolly’s favourites. The range also includes Marina Bedside, Marina Chest of Drawers, Marina Desk, Tassie Oak Wallshelf and Marina Toybox. The toy box is made in such a way that the lid can be closed gently complete with easy glide castors.

Marina Toybox

Tassie Oak Bed is created so that the bed head stands slightly higher than the bed end. The other item in the collection like Tassie Oak Bedside and Tassie Oak Bookcase complete this bedroom look. The bookcase is particularly popular with its open areas to display trophies and toy etc. and closed doors to hide kids things away. This bookcase is popular in either timber or satin white finish and is design to fit those ‘tall’ books kids love

The NEWEST addition to our ranges is the very funky Scoop Bunk Bed. Built-in steps are incorporated into the design with 3 very fun peek holes up top. This range also includes the Scoop Chest of Drawers, which includes 3 very generously sized drawers on full extension runners. The handles are softly shaped cut-outs that you can put your fingers in. The very sleek Scoop Desk has just been added to the range also!

Scoop Desk Scoop Chest of Drawers

Designers and architects love our Upholstered Range of furniture for kids. Choose your fabric colour and we will use it to upholster your child’s bed and toy box. Dark denim is really popular for the boys but you can choose which ever fabric takes your fancy. Extremely modern and slick, you are able to custom-make the furniture to suit the other accessories in the room. We can offer advice to help you choose the right fabric for your boy’s bedroom.

[insert image here]

Children Blankets

Monday, 15th March 2010

We offer a variety of items that might just be the thing you are looking for. What about getting your kids some blankets? Surely you would want something of good quality, affordable, simple or maybe even stylish to your kids. Children nowadays have an eye for fashion, don’t you think? :)

The first item in our Children Blankets list is the Alphabet Blanket. A great blanket for your boy as it features only 4 big stripes in the design. This 100% combed cotton fabric gives a sense of ‘big boy attitude’ in the colour used. The classic green, fire engine red, navy blue and white striped blanket will keep him warm and lets him snuggle comfortably. Oh, did we mention that it’s easy to care? Yes, just put the blankie straight into your washing machine.

[insert image here]Tic Tac Toe Blanket[insert image here]

Next on the list is the Tic Tac Toe Blanket. Your little girl will look so sweet in this vibrant blanket. The soft grey background accentuates the royal purple, cotton candy pink, aqua blue and sunny yellow woven graphics. Perfect for all year snuggling. Easy care – this 100% cotton knit washable knit will be a breeze.

Moving on to our next item is Lilly & Lolly’s Bubble & Bounce Blanket. This knit acts as blanket or it can be used as a throw rug. The 100% cotton knit blanket is perfect for any age- young and old. Remember back when polka dots were a craze? Bring back the trend with this white and cherry red polka dot fabric. The grey background colour completes the funky!

Finally, check out our 100% Woollen Blankets. Best used during the cold winter time, this blanket was made from the best and finest wool. Imagine your kid snuggle warmly in Lilly & Lolly’s woollen blanket in front of the fire place with a cup of steaming hot chocolate. Available in cotton candy pink, navy blue, scarlet red or charcoal light grey.

Decorating Girls Bedroom

Friday, 12th March 2010

The sky is the limit. It’s easier to begin decorating if you know the personality of your girl. Some like pink in every corner of their room. As for the ‘tomboy’ type, bolder colours such as red is more suited.

Replace that boring flat clock in her room. Go for our Bubble Clox, with 4 exciting colours to choose from- hot pink, lime green, aqua blue or bright orange. The uniqueness of the clock will attract the eye when you enter a room. The hour, minute and second hands are made to ‘embrace’ the 4” sphere.

Bubble Clox

Your little girl’s belongings are thrown all over the place. You have a headache just by walking in her room. Hide all her bits and pieces in our Storage Boxes. It comes in all sizes- small, medium, large and crate. Storing stuff has never been this organized with these white foam core boxes.

Storage Boxes

They say a mirror brightens up a room. Decorate her room with our I-Spy Mirrors. Silhouettes of children at play were ‘captured’ in the acrylic mirrors. The design is fresh and creative to give the room the attention it deserves. Your daughter will be surprised by the dramatic impact. Not only that, the eye-catching mirrors will draw her attention to play.

I-Spy Mirrors

Lilly & Lolly’s Tic Tac Toe PJ’s are sensational. The adorable and sweet two-piece pyjama will look good on your girl. Adorable fly-away sleeves and colourful tic tac toe print on the pants, your girl will look cute as a button.

Tic Tac Toe PJ's

Add a special touch to her pillowcase and cushion. Your girl will love our Monogrammed Girls Pillowcase and Monogrammed Girls Cushion. The embroidery comes in silver, cherry red or sweet pink. The only difference between these white fabrics is that the cushion comes with a matching piping.

Monogrammed Cushion

Baby Shower Gifts

Thursday, 11th March 2010

One of your friends is throwing a baby shower. You have to turn up to the party bearing a gift. But, what exactly is considered an appropriate gift? Check our collection and find out.

The perfect gift is Lilly & Lolly’s Melobaby Change Mat. This clutch sized change mat and nappy wallet should be on every expecting mother’s wish list. With its compact design, the big and baggy diaper bag would be a thing of the past. The choice of colours, dark chocolate or black makes this 2-in-1 product stylish enough to be carried around in public.

Melobaby Change Mat

Expecting a baby girl? Get her our cot sized Pink Fizz Sheet Set. The floral pattern in white is repeated on the 100% cotton percale soft pink fabric. Finished off with silver piping, it’s a very glam sheet set for baby girls.Or you can always go for the Red Star Sheet Set featuring big red stars all over the fitted sheet and highlighting the cuff on the flat sheet and pillowcase, a great choice for that baby boy!

Why don’t you go for something different and get that baby boy or girl one of our gorgeous wraps? Take a look at the tasteful designs we have to offer in our collection. Interlock Star Wrap makes its own statement with the tiny star patterns on this 100% cotton white jersey. The soft and stretchy wrap comes in navy blue, cotton candy pink or cherry red. Meanwhile, the Star Muslin Wrap comes in big bold red star prints across white fabric made from 100% cotton. The muslin wrap is very popular for those hot summer months!

Interlock Star Wrap

Blankets make a great baby shower gift too. Select one of the four blankets in Lilly & Lolly’s collection. From the simple yet elegant Alphabet Blanket and Woollen Blankets to the colourful Tic Tac Toe Blanket and Bubble & Bounce Blanket.

Alphabet Blanket, a thing of beauty with its 4 bold stripes, each one presented in 4 different colours – classic green, cherry red, navy blue and white. The 100% combed cotton fits perfectly in any baby boy’s room. Made from 100% wool, Woollen Blankets is made for “tuck in” during the cold winter time. Just pick any colour from cotton candy pink, scarlet red, navy blue or charcoal light grey.

Alphabet Blanket Bubble & Bounce Blanket

Take a look at Tic Tac Toe Blanket and be mesmerized by the mixture of royal purple, sunny yellow, aqua blue and sweet pink in this 100% cotton knit. Perfect for all year round snuggles. Funky Bubble & Bounce Blanket presents itself in cherry red and white polka dots on 100% grey cotton knit.

Girl’s Gifts

Tuesday, 9th March 2010

Having a difficult time deciding what to get for your little girl’s birthday? We have a few choices here that will make your gift shopping experience easy. Turn your attention to our unique Bubble Clox. This brand new item is designed in such a way that the minute and the second hands are wrapped around the clock. What better way to give your timepiece a fresh look than this modern futuristic clock. The 4” diameter sphere comes in bright pink, lime green, or orange.

Bubble Clox

Perhaps your little angel adores colourful stickers? Make her smile and jump with joy with our Butterfly Patch Wall Stickers. These amazing stickers will give them the freedom to be creative with the walls and cupboard without messing up! The adhesion properties in the stickers allow them to be removed and repositioned over 100 times easily without damaging the paint.

Butterfly Patch Wall Stickers

Or you can select one of the three pyjamas showcased here at Lilly & Lolly. First, we have the 100% cotton made Tic Tac Toe PJ’s, a cute top with fly-away sleeves and tic tac toe print on the pants. This adorable two-piece will keep your girl cool in the summer.

Next on the collection is the heart melting Pink Fizz Pyjamas. Also a two-piece, the stunning PJ’s is lightweight so your child can be comfortable and cool in the summer month. The top features pink fizz design and pants feature co-ordinate. Care for a nightie instead? Take a look at our sweet Pink Fizz Nightie. Pink, lilac and splice bubble with silver highlights prints and ruffled hem as the finishing touch makes this ‘girlie’ piece a must have.

Tic Tac Toe PJ's Pink Fizz Nightie  

Surprise her with a personalized pillowcase or cushion. Monogrammed Girls Pillowcase offers you the simplicity and style you are looking for with its crisp white pillowcase. Meanwhile our Monogrammed Girls Cushion will look fabulous on your little girl’s bed or sofa. The embroidery and matching piping on the cushion makes it an excellent birthday gift. Provide us with your child’s name and choose one of these 3 colours for the monogram on the pillowcase or cushion-silver, cherry red or hot pink for that ‘girlie’ feel.

Monogrammed Girls Cushion Monogrammed Girls Pillowcase
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